- Do not use names or titles with offensive or inappropriate words, explicit or implied, which might directly or indirectly offend other players – including character names, pet and homunculus names, guild names, party names, and guild titles.

- The use of macros will be allowed, but the injection of files, of any sort and AFK automated botting(meaning, but not restricted to playing the game while not at your computer using third party programs to play for you) will be completely prohibited.

- Due to the nature of the server being PK, the malicious intent of tagging mobs and not actively killing them will result in jail time. Continuous acts of the same intent will result in a ban.

Mob Tagging 1st time = 12h jail
Mob Tagging 2nd time = 7days ban
Mob Tagging 3rd time = Perma ban all account with the same IP login.

- Players that are physically trying to OR using a macro that restricts the nature of pvp is completely prohibited and will be dealt with swiftly and accordingly.(ie: teleporting,using a skill, and then immediately teleporting again to stop in-coming damage whether it's a player or mob)

- Do not maliciously spam skills in the hub or on town maps.

- Do not exploit or leverage bugs which could result in an unfair advantage unintended from the server's design or which would disrupt the server environment, such as attempting to duplicate items or expose errors in monster behavior, etc. such behavior will result in a permanent ban.

- Anything bypassing gepard shield will be seen as malicious and will be taken care of without warning.

- #main chat will be consistently monitored, but will never enact draconian law. please bear in mind the golden rules when using #main chat: no sexism,racisim,bigotry,excessive spam,harassment,etc. don't be an asshole and the gm team won't have to be one as well.

- Although we welcome any nationality and thus a wide variety of languages, it becomes very difficult for players to follow the #main chat when a large quantity of lines are in languages they do not understand. As such, please keep the primary language in English.

- If you choose to share your account or password(s) with other players or friends, you will hold only yourself responsible for the actions of others while playing your account.
Do not attempt to impersonate the dev team or Game Masters (GMs). This includes but does not stop at: naming yourselves as the gm/dev team, telling others that you are part of the gm/dev team,forum names, etc.

- Admins/GMs will never ask for your password.
- Admins/GMs reserve the right to ban/mute/jail for rule violations without warning.
- Rules will/can be changed to suit the nature of the server at the descretion of the admins please look back at them from time to time.


- By playing on the server you adhear to the rules and will accept fair punishment if any rules are to be broken.