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✔ PK Enabled

✔ PRE-RENEWAL(Episode 13.2)

✔ Status Resist Cap 75% (bypassed by cards)

✔ Max Aspd 195

✔ 255/99 lowrate

✔ Drop rates 5x/50x(gear)

✔ Card drop rates 0.5%

✔ Lesser MVP/MVP card drop rates 0.5%/0.1%

✔ Un/Ranked 3v3 arenas

✔ Instacast = 170 dex

✔ Masterwork Enchantment

✔ AFK Fishing

✔ Balanced PVP/GVG

✔ Cash Shop enabled

✔ Anti DDOS Protection

✔ Location: Los Angeles, California USA


was founded by a group of close-knit friends that kept RO in their hearts for over 10 years.

We intend to give players the true feeling of an open-world mmorpg with the nuances and mechanics intergrated into the nostalgia you've known as ragnarok.
We pride ourselves in giving players the power of feeling rewarded for their countless hours of grind, but also stick true to those that want to play casually.
We've given the players different means of progressing their "power levels".
Don't like farming? You can lifeskill.
Hate waiting for MVP timers? Go test your mettle in the 3v3 arena.
Don't like doing any of that? Well lucky enough for you there are a bunch of custom hats to collect and pets that need taming.
With this we believe that we can house the two communities that have split and populated ragnarok servers to this day--High Rate players and Low Rate players.
MiraiRO offers fast early leveling for those that don't have time to spend countless hours grinding the same map just to see progression, but max level isn't something that you can easily attain either.
Everything our server has to offer gives you the freedom of choice to make this the game you grind or the one you play casually with your friends.
No one will ever feel left behind.
Experience ragnarok in a new light while the nostalgia trip holds your hand.
The future is yours to mold, where do you stand?